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Delete TV  (30 min)

OKTO Musikmagazin | A 2019
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Delete TV
> New York Gradual by Gregg Biermann is a digital age motion study consisting of three dolly shots taken during lunch hour in mid-town Manhattan. The result of this simple pattern interacting with the imagery is a fascinating study of ordinary street life. > Manicotty by Ellen Hemphill > The strange tale of an underground typist whose work makes the glitterati go gaga. Based on a poem of the same name by Marc Zegans, from "The Typewriter Underground." > "I am fine" by Director Victoria Donnet is a short film revealing the expression of our inner life in such a simple way, our facial expressions. Just by looking at someone's face with attention, you can discover his or her inner world. These facial dances are telling us how much we can handle deep inside.

Titel: Delete TV
Genre: Unterhaltung (Musikmagazin)
A 2019