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Delete TV  (30 min)

OKTO Musikmagazin | A 2019
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Delete TV
DIRECTOR> Lander Haverals FILM> Minds On Mute SYNOPSIS> Society will perish in a future saturated with technology? It will collapse/disintegrate. There will be a group of people who can compete with all technological developments, the others who cannot adapt, they will withdraw from society. This group will turn into an inferior caste ..." Homo deus, Noah Harari. They survive in a meaningless 'now', anonymous and useless. They lose their identity. They are lonely, speechless and indifferent. Emmanuel Levinas describes this existence as the "il y a". It stands for to be endless, emotionless and neutral. DIRECTOR> SASKIA MOLLEN FILM> Haze SYNOPSIS> In Haze you meet an ambiguous figure. Disembodied from the self and alienated from the world. The body shifts between human and creature, conscious and unconscious, the obvious and uncanny. Wrapped in a second skin, like a layer, a membrane or a womb. The plastic disrupts the image, shields the flesh from the viewer and separates the figure from its surroundings. DIRECTOR> LUIS CARLOS RODRIGUEZ FILM> (0774932 #7 SYNOPSIS> Collage audiovisual de secuencias de películas en dominio público. DIRECTOR> LORENZO PAPANTI FILM> Traction/Compression (Limit) SYNOPSIS> Ogni entità è continuamente sottoposta, all'interno della sua materia, da sforzi opposti di trazione e compressione, in una condizione perenne, intangibile. Tramite il ribaltamento visivo, i due opposti sono isolati e mostrati nella loro drammaticità, nello sforzo sempre vano di allontanamento e avvicinamento rispetto al limite esterno.

Titel: Delete TV
Genre: Unterhaltung (Musikmagazin)
A 2019