12:30 - 13:00 | 13.09.2019 OKTO

Luksuz Produkcija Short Film  (Block 7) (30 min)

OKTO Kurzfilm | A 2019
2019-09-13 12:30:00 2019-09-13 01:00:00 Europe/Zurich Luksuz Produkcija Short Film Luksuz Produkcija Short Film OKTO
Luksuz Produkcija Short Film
In this episode we see four short films: 1. Moger (Author: Clara F. Costa): This is the story of Moger, a young syrian man who had a difficult dangerous journey to Europe. 2. One afternoon in the darkroom (Author: Julia Minet): The photographer Žan Koprovnik brings us back to the beginnings of photography. 3. Slovenski Zbornik (= slovenian sketches) (Author: Diane Ntahimpera): This film shows the richness and diversity of slovenians with different cultural roots and identities. 4. Spreading the seed (Author: Ana Cerar): A truly slovenian onion attracts the attention of the white house.

Titel: Luksuz Produkcija Short Film
Subtitel: Block 7
Genre: Film (Kurzfilm)
A 2019