08:30 - 09:00 | 13.09.2019 OKTO

Luksuz Produkcija Short Film  (Block 8: Fiction Shorts) (30 min)

OKTO Kurzfilm | A 2019
2019-09-13 08:30:00 2019-09-13 09:00:00 Europe/Zurich Luksuz Produkcija Short Film Luksuz Produkcija Short Film OKTO
Luksuz Produkcija Short Film
In this episode we see 8 fiction short films: 1. Štrigun z Libne (Author: Viktor and Daria Radić): In the village of Gurkfeld a lonely women is hunted by a vampire. 2. Ordinary futility (Authors: Axelle Priou, Fanny Lescarcelle): A young girl tries to cope with the cruelty of black ice. 3. Homemade drama (Axelle Priou, Charlène Biju, Olga Muradyan): Imagination brings back life into an abandoned house. 4. Leo (Author: Axelle Priou): Leo is a good man but he is confronted with an irritating problem. 5. Ephemera (Authors: Jasna Merklin, Pierre Martin, Camille Tang Quynh, Kris Van den Bulck): An old woman relives her memories of the past. 6. The Prompteur (Author: Axelle Priou): A prompter's working day sometimes can be quite challenging. 7. A game (Authors: Fanny Lescarcellle, Olga Muradyan): A girl tries not to be caught by her opponent. 8. Cik! Cik! Postrizi me! (= chik! chik! Cut my hair!) (Author: Eva Matarranz): Sometimes a new haircut doesn't work with your head.

Titel: Luksuz Produkcija Short Film
Subtitel: Block 8: Fiction Shorts
Genre: Film (Kurzfilm)
A 2019