04:55 - 05:30 | 17.08.2019 OKTO

Luksuz Produkcija Short Film  (Block 5) (35 min)

OKTO Kurzfilm | A 2019
2019-08-18 04:55:00 2019-08-18 05:30:00 Europe/Zurich Luksuz Produkcija Short Film Luksuz Produkcija Short Film OKTO
Luksuz Produkcija Short Film
In der fünften Ausgabe sehen wir drei Kurzfilme: 1. Who the fuck is Tito? (Authors: Charlène Biju, Pauline de Lataillade) People talk about the time when Yugoslavia was a functioning multiracial communistic state ruled by a "great comrade". 2. Beauty has no size (Authors: Vesna Klančar, Julia Minet, Amelisa Eminić) Once a year Vesna becomes a model for a special italian fashion show. 3. Čika (= grandmother) (Author: Martina Hudorovič, Dženi Rostohar) A grandmother tells her granddaughter about her life as a Roma.

Titel: Luksuz Produkcija Short Film
Subtitel: Block 5
Genre: Film (Kurzfilm)
A 2019