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Yes, Prime Minister  (E:3 S:1) (The Smoke Screen) (30 min)

Regie: Sydney Lotterby
Mit: Paul Eddington, Nigel Hawthorne, Derek Fowlds,
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Yes, Prime Minister
Continuing the struggle of Minster Jim Hacker to actually get something done in Whitehall politics, Yes, Prime Minister saw Jim achieve every politician's dream and slide up the greasy pole, right to the door of Number 10.

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Titel: Yes, Prime Minister
Subtitel: The Smoke Screen
Genre: Serie (Comedyserie)
Wertung :

Sydney Lotterby Hersteller
als James Hacker
als Sir Humphrey Appleby
als Bernard Woolley
als Sir Ian Whitworth - DHSS Secretary
als Dr. Peter Thorn - Minister of State at the DHSS
als Sir Frank Gordon, Permanent Secretary of the Treasury
als Leslie Potts - Minister for Sport
als Gerald - Chairman British Tobacco Group